Premera Blue Cross Washington Medigap Plans

PremiumSuplement Policy Type
$132.00   Medigap Plan A
$166.00   Medigap Plan F
$68.00   Medigap Plan FH
$130.00   Medigap Plan N
Rates are examples for a 65 year old woman that does not smoke and lives near the state capital. Where applicable, direct deposit discounts have been applied.
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About Premera Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plans in Washington

Premera Blue Cross is a licensed provider of Medigap policies in Washington. The carrier offers a range of standardized plans (see below). A.M. Best Company, a nationally recognized insurance rating company, gave Premera Blue Cross an A- rating.

Medigap Plan A

Premera Blue Cross offers a Medicare Supplement Plan A in Washington. Their premium is calculated using the Community Rated cost method. We suggest comparing rates with:

Medigap Plan F

Plan F is by far the most commonly purchased Medicare supplement policy. That's because it covers all medical expenses that Medicare does not pay. Plan F is offered by Premera Blue Cross . To make sure you're getting the best rate, consider getting quotes from these carriers:

Medigap Plan F - High Deductible

If monthly cash flow is an issue, but you want the peace of mind that comes with an F Plan, a High Deductible F is a good solution. Premera Blue Cross sells a High Deductible F that features all coverage provided by the standard F Plan after you have met the High Deductible limit. Shop smart and compare with the rates from these companies:

Medigap Plan N

The Medicare Supplement Plan N offered by Premera Blue Cross offers the basic benefits and pays your Part A deductible. You pay the Part B deductible plus, Part B excess charges and a $20 co-pay for each visit to the doctor and up to $50 for each emergency room visit. If saving money is your goal, this plan will do it. Compare these carriers, too: