SummaCare Ohio Medigap Plans

PremiumSuplement Policy Type
$92.88   Medigap Plan A
$129.25   Medigap Plan C
$124.05   Medigap Plan D
$136.28   Medigap Plan F
$85.56   Medigap Plan M
$85.76   Medigap Plan N
Rates are examples for a 65 year old woman that does not smoke and lives near the state capital. Where applicable, direct deposit discounts have been applied.
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About Summa Medicare Supplement Plans in Ohio

The State Board of Insurance has licensed Summa to sell Medigap health insurance policies in the state of Ohio. The carrier offers a range of standardized plans (see below).

Medigap Plan A

Summa offers a Medicare Supplement Plan A in Ohio. Their premium is calculated using the Attained Age cost method. We suggest comparing rates with:

Medigap Plan C

If you take care to avoid Part B excess charges, a Medigap Plan C is an attractive option, and Summa offers it in Ohio. The premium is calculated using the Attained Age cost method. Be sure to compare other carrier rates. Here are a few we think are favorable:

Medigap Plan D

Part D Plans don't cover your Part B deductibles or excess charges. Summa offers a D Plan policy to Ohio seniors. It's not the most common plan, but here are a couple carriers we think you should review to get the best rate:

Medigap Plan F

Plan F is by far the most commonly purchased Medicare supplement policy. That's because it covers all medical expenses that Medicare does not pay. Plan F is offered by Summa . To make sure you're getting the best rate, consider getting quotes from these carriers:

Medigap Plan M

Plan M is a cost saver. Summa offers it, but beware that it only pays 50% of your Part A deductible and you pay the Part B deductible plus and Part B excess charges. It's not offered by a lot of carriers, so be sure to compare:

Medigap Plan N

The Medicare Supplement Plan N offered by Summa offers the basic benefits and pays your Part A deductible. You pay the Part B deductible plus, Part B excess charges and a $20 co-pay for each visit to the doctor and up to $50 for each emergency room visit. If saving money is your goal, this plan will do it. Compare these carriers, too: