New Mexico Medicare Advantage Health Plans

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Hello New Mexico seniors! On this page you will find a complete list of Medicare Advantage Plans for New Mexico beneficiaries, organized by county. Not familiar with Medicare Advantage? No problem, it’s easy. An Advantage Plan replaces your Original Medicare with a traditional HMO or PPO health plan that offers you more coverage.

Be aware that some New Mexico counties have more plans than others. In fact, Medicare Advantage Plans are not available in all counties. Availability is based on established hospital and doctor networks. Find and click on your county below to see plans.


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We maintain an exclusive list of Medicare insurance agents and agencies licensed to sell Medicare Advantage plans in New Mexico. Click Here to see your agents. You can request confidential quotes online to compare rates.

Medicare Advantage vs. Original Medicare with Medigap: New Mexico Full Coverage Choices

If you’re concerned that an HMO or PPO health plan will overly limit your care, a Medicare Advantage Plan is not your only option. For a small amount more in your monthly premium you can have the best senior healthcare available. When you keep your Original Medicare and supplement it with Medicare Part D and supplemental Medicare insurance, you have full coverage with very few restrictions. Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) in New Mexico protects you from the risk of big hospital and doctor bills. See our Medicare Supplemental Insurance page for more information. You will be relieved to know that all supplement plan available in New Mexico are are standard. That means you have the benefit of shopping by best price.

New Mexico Medicare Advantage Enrollment Options

New Mexico Medicare Advantage PlansIf you want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan available in New Mexico, you can do so during an enrollment period. New Mexico seniors turning 65, and those with Medicare Disability, have an Individual Enrollment Period (IEP). Your IEP starts two months before you are eligible and ends two months after eligibility. After that you must enroll or make changes to your plan during the Annual Election Period (AEP), more commonly known as open enrollment. AEP starts 15 October and ends promptly on 7 December.

If you are ready to enroll in an New Mexico MA plan, but you’re not sure how, relax, because it’s easy. To get started you’ll need a Medicare insurance agent. Your agent is licensed in your state to sell health and life insurance products. Plus, they are experts on the latest plans available, and they are required by law to follow strict selling and marketing guidelines. It’s all for your protection. If you prefer, you can purchase plans directly through, as well. Click here to get started.

Medicare Advantage Health Insurance in New Mexico

The Medicare insurance data published by is received from public data files provided by the U.S. federal government. updates its databases quarterly. However, we are unable to verify the correctness of the data received. Only a licensed health insurance agent can give you a binding quote. For more information about the Medicare program, visit

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Medicare Advantage Plans in New Mexico

The following Medicare Advantage Plans are available in New Mexico, ordered by most available. Consult your county page for availability in your area.

  • Care Improvement Plus Medicare Advantage
  • Presbyterian MediCare PPO Plan 1
  • Presbyterian MediCare PPO Plan 2 with Rx
  • Presbyterian MediCare PPO Plan 3 with Rx
  • HumanaChoice H6609-111
  • HumanaChoice H6411-008
  • HumanaChoice H6411-007
  • HumanaChoice H6609-115
  • Amerivantage Classic + Rx
  • Humana Gold Choice H8145-078
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Premier
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Plus
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Deluxe
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Classic
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan $0 provided by BCBSNM
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Enhanced provided by BCBSNM
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Choice Plus
  • Molina Medicare Options
  • Presbyterian Senior Care Plan 2 with Rx
  • Presbyterian Senior Care Plan 1
  • Presbyterian Senior Care Plan 3 with Rx
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Choice Premier
  • Humana Gold Plus H2649-029
  • Humana Gold Plus
  • AARP MedicareComplete Choice
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Premier
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Basic
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Value
  • Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Premier Plus
  • Christus Health Plan
  • HumanaChoice H6609-114
  • HumanaChoice H6411-002
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan Enhanced
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan of San Juan County
  • Lovelace Medicare Plan $0