HumanaChoice R5826-013 for Osage, KS

HumanaChoice R5826-013
CMS Rating:This Medicare drug plan has an average rating of 3.0
Monthly Premium:
Annual Deductible:$310.00
Mail Order:No
Gap Coverage:No Gap Coverage
Drugs in Formulary:3711
Plan No.:R5826-013
Plan Year:2014
Available to:KS Residents
Type of Plan:Regional PPO
No. Members:353

Health Plan Summary

HumanaChoice R5826-013 OsageCounty, KS2014 Medicare Advantage PlanHumanaChoice R5826-013 Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Medicare Advantage Health Plan (R5826-013) available inOsage County, KS

HumanaChoice R5826-013 is a PPO health plan for seniors with Medicare residing in Osage County, KS. This Medicare Advantage PPO plan gives you freedom to choose the health care providers you want to use. If you want to save money you can use providers in the plan network. Predictable copayments and coinsurance make budgeting your health care expenses easier.

This is a summary of the PPO plan benefits. Ask your Medicare insurance agent for a plan benefits packet.

Health Plan Monthly Premium

The premium for this health plan is $167.00 per month plus your Part B monthly premium. Most people with Medicare benefits pay the standard monthly Part B premium in addition to their MA health plan premium. That said, some people to pay higher Part B and Part D premiums due to their income status and/or a Medicare Part D late enrollment penalty.

Medicare Advantage Plan Summary of Benefits

NOTE: As of this publication date the Summary of Benefits information for this plan was not available. Please ask your Medicare insurance agent for the Summary of Benefits documentation.

Medicare Part D Plan Information

The Medicare Part D deductible on this health plan is $310.00.

The Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) Benefit

The Affordable Care Act health care law put a maximum out-of-pocket limit on all Medicare Advantage Plans. This is known as the Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) expense. The MOOP does not include your prescription drugs or the monthly premiums you pay for health insurance. The Mandatory MOOP is $6,700 (maximum), but, the law does permit a “Voluntary MOOP” that can be a maximum of $3,400. The MOOP on this plan is $3,400