Humana Walmart Rx Plan for Florida Seniors Florida

CMS Rating (Ave.): Humana Walmart Rx Plan (PDP) Medicare Part D Plan with a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0
Plan Year:2015
PDP Plan ID:S5884-157
Monthly Premium:$15.70
Rx Deductible:$320.00
Initial Coverage:$2,960.00
Mail Order:Yes
Donut Hole Coverage:No Gap Coverage
Formulary ID:00015081
National Plan
Humana Insurance Company

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Summary

Humana Walmart Rx Plan Florida Medicare Part D Plan S5884-157-FLHumana Walmart Rx Plan (FL) is a Medicare Part D Plan for Medicare beneficiaries residing in Florida. Medicare gave this plan a rating of 4.0 out of five stars. Compared to all other 2015 plans, this plan is "Above Average".

The monthly premium is $15.70, and the deductible is $320.00. There's more information about the plan costs on the Premium page. You can see your share at the pharmacy on the Co-Pay page, or learn more about the coverage benefits on the Coverage page.

This Part D plan is not available to you If you receive LIS benefits.

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CMS File Date: October 15, 2014.

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